Bargate Saturday Morning

John was not down at breakfast but came in later with a handful of bags and sat down for his late breakfast. He had been to the Bargate Market which had started early so he wanted some bargains. He opened up his hoard and we were most impressed. Early bird, early worm came to mind and we all wished we had got up earlier.

My son presented me with four FDCs from 2007 which commemorate the conception of the Titanic in 1907 as I was leaving home on Thursday telling me to open them on Saturday. Thanks Simon...

Four First Day Covers from 2007

It had been a late night for some who said they were going to bed but hung on to chat for a couple of hours. It was Saturday and We had a bit of a lie-in. But we didn't all get to the Market !!

Saturday was Lecture Day and after the success of last years series a number of high quality speakers had been booked.

Two university students interviewing Bob Burr about his grandfather Ewert Burr who died on the Titanic.

The Lecture Theatre showing the good attendance.

Steve Booth introduced Steve Huxley from the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency in Southampton who explained how maritime safety developed in the last century - in no small part due to the loss of the Titanic.

Phillip Littlejohn gave a lecture on his grandfather, Alexander James Littlejohn, who served aboard the S.S. Titanic as a first class steward.

A lecture given by Geoff Watts from Southamptons Tourist Information Centre. Geoff discussed the legacy Titanic has left in the city. His lecture was entitled Monuments, Memorials and Memories.

Lydia Garner and John Creamer

A presentation on the Titanic disaster by the Students of the University of Southampton

And back to the hotel for a lunch of sandwiches and drinks.

Through the post we had all received invitations and a perfect reproduction of a Titanic menu from 1912 with a selection of choices from which we chose and e-mailed back to John a couple of weeks before the event.

We returned our choices to John via e-mail, letter and/or telephone and now the day had arrived and we all prepared ourselves for a Gala Dinner in the presence of the Mayor and his wife at the Dockgate 4 restaurant.

We ordered a fleet of taxis to take all of us from the hotel to the South Western Hotel.

12th April Evening