I have been interested in all things Titanic for many years even before James Cameron made his epic. I read of the disaster while I was still young and wondered how I would have acted in such a horrifying situation. During the same learning period I had been given the book "The Worst Journey in the World" by Apsley Cherry-Garrard who told of another disaster in 1912 when Robert Falcon Scott and his team failed to return from the South Pole and died only 11 miles from a store of oil and food which had he reached it would have brought his story to a happier conclusion.

In 1912 when people believed they were invincible both of these disasters changed many things subsequently. Radio, medicine and similar subjects changed quickly so saying that nothing like this must happen again.

Trouble is that things like this still happen so are we advancing ??

Up to 1985 to me the Titanic had remained a ship on another planet so when it was found it suddenly became so real and I felt I could identify with it.

Not long after it was found I was on a project in America and temporarily diverted my plans so that I could visit Woods Hole, meeting the Team who found the Titanic and seeing the Knorr and Alvin. We met Dr Robert Ballard and Kathy Offinger and I have on my "Titanic Wall" a special photograph of him with his signature dedicating it to my wife and me "on your 25th Wedding Anniversary" which we were celebrating while we were in the Cape Cod area. We had only mentioned the fact in passing to his secretary but he actually took time to find out.

Unlike him I would not go down to the wreck since I am claustrophobic in the car !! However I have a vast collection of Titanic memories and souvenirs to which is added more each year.

This year 2008 has been no exception.

We all had a great commemorative weekend and now look forward to 2009......